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Letter Frenzy [17 Oct 2003|10:21am]

A note to JohnCollapse )

A note to SarahCollapse )

A general note to the school and the ProfessorCollapse )
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*After a quick pack of clothes... [10 Oct 2003|11:10pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

...I whisk down to the garage waiting for Kurt and Piotr and whoever else is coming to hunt for Mystique.

I find my habit of biting my lip frequent as I mindless juggles metal spheres in front of me. It's all I can do to keep myself from exploding with impatience.

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[06 Oct 2003|12:09am]

*I curl up on a chair, beside a window. I look outside for a moment, at the sunset, just thinking. Or at least, attempting to think. I find that my mind is not concentrating hard enough on anything right now, and I just focus my attention on the colors of the setting sun.*
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[22 Sep 2003|09:52am]

[ mood | confused ]

*A feverish afternoon of drawing finally yields something good enough for an apology. It's a charcoal portrait of Lorna, 8x11, with green pencils for a few highlights. It's just her face, but it'll have to do because that's all I had memorized. It's an interesting expression: very pensive, and a little sadness around the corners. But a glint in her eye indicates more. There may be the beginning of a smile around the lips, too.*

*I'm not sure what went wrong exactly, but clearly things did not end on a good note.*

*I take the piece down the hall, to where I think her room is. If it's not her room, well, I'll just make a complete ass out of myself. I slide the portrait under the door, and walk down to the common room to wait and see what happens. I turn on the TV and take a look around to see who else is here today.*

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Returning [20 Sep 2003|08:51pm]

[ mood | awake ]

First off, I apologize for being absent for awhile. Real life came up, and well... It hasn't permitted me to actually come alone and RP as much as I'd like to. Well, my busy schedule has let up some, and I truly feel ready to come back into the RPG... That is, if you'll have me. ^_^;;

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[02 Sep 2003|09:13am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Dammit! *Mystique whispers as she stares at the fried console and the cracked, snowy screen wondering how everything could have gone to shit so very quickly. She doesn't know what to do. That's the thing that pisses her off most. Erik always knew what to do. True, when given orders she could get things done... but this planning in a crisis shit... not her thing. Trying to keep a cool head she slipped in and out of a few familiar faces, hoping that the strength of her power would calm her...*

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OOC [21 Aug 2003|03:43pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Since school will be starting soon, and my parents chopping down my compy time to one hour each weekday, I'm cutting back on the amount of RPs I'm in. So...I hope I can rejoin this again if I'm allowed more time. But for now... I must leave.

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*in the Gym* [15 Aug 2003|07:04pm]

*beating the hell out of a punching bag, kicking and punching, letting all his frustrations go, sweat soaking the back and underarms of his grey t-shirt*

Things... going... well... John...

Be... sane... be... satisfied...

Don't... get... frus--

*stops, frozen in place, fighting back a really strong urge to burn the building down, wondering for a moment where this hostility is coming from--is he sexually frustrated? Lonely? Angry?*
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[13 Aug 2003|07:37pm]

Hearing that there are suddenly new sudents, Lorna wanders out to the pool to soak up a bit of sun. Donned in a jade bikini holding a soda and towel, she twists her hair up with a metal clip using her powers. She glances around wondering who may show up.
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[09 Aug 2003|12:18am]

*I walk into Ororo's attic, as it's the only place I can think of where I might be-able to be alone. I don't want the kids to see me like this. So lost and in pain. I wonder how I'm going to tell them all. 'If' I'll be-able to tell them all. I can't even come to terms with it myself. Jean, lost, forever. It just doesn't sound right.

I kneel on a rug then lie back onto the floor, staring up at the skylight. I want to cry but I think I used up all my tears with Logan....I still can't believe I did that. Cried in his arms, why Logan? Mind you, he was pretty upset as well. Of corse he was, he loved her too. He doesn't love me though. No-one will love me, not anymore. No-one will ever understand me the way Jean did. She had such patience, I could be as stubborn as I liked, and she’d still be there for me.

I want her back. I need her back. The tears return, rolling down my face and dripping onto the floor.*
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*sitting out on the porch* [06 Aug 2003|05:47pm]

*by the pool, playing with his lighter, thinking about the events of the past months(?), going over inventory in his head:

-Jubes (wow.)

And coming back to the school(home)... where he belongs*

*sighs and leans back in the chair with a little smile, more glad about one thing than anything else in his whole life: that Professor Xavier took him back*
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[06 Aug 2003|12:22am]

*I half-wander outside. Not that it's technically considered wandering, though, I know where I'm going. After a moment of walking, I decide I'm far enough away from the school, I sit down on a patch of grass. I glance up at the sky for a moment, silently, just ridding my mind of any thoughts. Outside had always seemed so different from the inside of the school... not just the location, of course. It always seemed to be so peaceful outside of the school.*
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~*Finding A Room*~ [05 Aug 2003|09:50pm]

[ mood | scared ]

~After they had successfully saved the students, Floop decided he might as well get a room here. It seemed like a nice place, though he hadn't seen enough of it to fully judge it. His outfit was considered flamboyant by most, and extravagent. He shyly kept his eyes on the ground, avoiding the stares he received~

~He received a key to a room on the second floor, room 212 to be exact. He walked to the steps, biting his lip in confusion. Was this the way to the second floor? He wasn't sure. He looked at his key for like the millionth time since he'd received, both to make sure of the number and to be sure it was his...something in the real world was his. He bumped into someone coming down the stairs and Floop glanced up in surprise, his eyes having that deer-in-the-headlights look~

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[04 Aug 2003|10:05pm]

[ mood | cold ]

*feels the pain in her head slowly come into focus, growing in intensity as she becomes more and more aware. Opening her eyes, Jubilee finds her vision slightly slower to focus*

*in front of her she can make out the fuzzy outline of the floor and a wall, it seems rough or... she can't tell. All she knows is her head hurts and the floor is very very cold*

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[21 Jul 2003|10:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

(OOC: Just skipping forwards a bit to get all the plot going. Logan, Scott, Floop, Storm, Betsy and Hank are all welcome to tag here to get the kids back to the academy)

*The light is fading in the flower filled world of Floop’s creation as Scott and I sit and comfort each other, needing this time alone to attempt to deal with all that happened… or at least attempt to deal.

I don’t quite know how long we have been sitting here in each others arms, the quiet here is peaceful, making me feel calm. I’m suddenly startled though by a bright light near where we entered and a doorway appears. I sit up as someone passes through, and then another someone… and then more. And I realise it’s the kids from the school. I brush myself off and stand up, trying to act as normal as possible no matter how I feel inside. Work to be done right now. I smile and reassure the kids as they come into the garden, telling them we’ll be just fine and that we’re taking them back to our school where they’ll be safe.*

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ooc [19 Jul 2003|08:19pm]

Sorry I'm not around much! I'm vacationing in Washington (state, not DC). I'll be back with more frequency soon and then when I'm home!
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[09 Jul 2003|11:13pm]

::looks at the devastation that is the ruined school::

"This was not suppose to happen."

Starts to look around for survivors.

"Is there anyone here. If you need medical attention I am a doctor,"Beast calls out.
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[09 Jul 2003|05:48pm]

*stands on the road, looking down it toward Xaviers school, having fled when the building collapsed at the other school, now isn't sure where to go, but remembers that Xavier is his legal guardian...*

Fuck it.

*starts walking toward the school*
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In the heat outside [07 Jul 2003|08:56pm]

[ mood | calm ]

*Sara sits proped up on her elbows outside on the poolside, in a pink bikini, her feet dangling in the water and a small pile of clothing, towel and sandals beside her. She lets the sun soak into her skin, eyes closed she listens to the sounds of summer*

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[06 Jul 2003|05:47pm]

*Once we're through the portal I look down at the carpet of green grass as I walk across it. I wish I had it in me to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, but I'm so numb I don't really feeling anything at the moment, other than pain. It doesn’t even bother me that the only person I have for comfort is Logan. I guess I know that he loved Jean as well. He must be in as much shock as I am. Maybe I’ll wake up from this nightmare soon.

I stumble along until all my energy drains out. I let go of Logan and fall to my knees.*
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